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Along The Petersburg Road - Peter Lagger, Conductor* - The Most Beautiful Russian Folksongs (Vinyl, LP)

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  1. Princess Golitsyna was one of the most influential figures of the two Russian capitals, St Petersburg and Moscow, gaining a good reputation and all the attention of the Emperor and the Empress. Natalya was the maid of honor and moved within the Emperor circles of Catherine II and Nicholas I. She lived here until very old age, until her death in.
  2. Peter II, emperor of Russia from to Grandson of Peter I the Great (ruled –), Peter II was named heir to the Russian throne by Catherine I (ruled –27) and was crowned at the age of 11 (May 18 [May 7, Old Style], ). Because Catherine had named the Supreme Privy Council to.
  3. On February 8, , Peter I (the Great), Emperor of All Russia died at the age of 52 from a bladder infection without naming a successor. He was buried in the Peter and Paul Cathedral in St. Petersburg. A coup arranged by Peter’s best friend Prince Alexander Menshikov proclaimed Catherine, Peter’s second wife, the ruler of Russia.
  4. Dec 31,  · The Great Northern War lasted 21 years, but Peter finally got what he wanted: access to the Baltic Sea. In , on the shores of the river Neva, Peter laid the foundations for the Fortress of Peter and Paul, which grew to become Saint Petersburg, Russia’s capital until Russians weren’t much enthusiastic about living in a desolate marsh, where their houses flooded frequently.
  5. Peter the Great led his troops to both victories. On July 8, Peter the Great led his troops to a major victory which finally destroyed the Swedish army. Off Hango, Finland on July 27, the Russian Navy under the command of Peter the Great routed the Swedish Navy and captured all 10 of the enemy's ships in its first major victory.
  6. The line of succession of Russian kings from that left a lasting legacy on the Russian Empire due to their success in control of Russia. Michael Romanov Elected in by Russian nobles to end "Time of Troubles", began the Romanov Dynasty that lasted until , brought stability and bureaucratic centralization to Russia.
  7. May 27,  · After winning access to the Baltic Sea through his victories in the Great Northern War, Czar Peter I founds the city of St. Petersburg as the new Russian capital.
  8. Title. The imperial title of Peter the Great was the following: By the grace of God, the most excellent and great sovereign emperor Pyotr Alekseevich the ruler of all the Russias: of Moscow, of Kiev, of Vladimir, of Novgorod, Tsar of Kazan, Tsar of Astrakhan and Tsar of Siberia, sovereign of Pskov, great prince of Smolensk, of Tver, of Yugorsk, of Perm, of Vyatka, of Bulgaria and others.

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