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Peter Tchaikovsky His Life And His Music - Part II

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  1. Peter Ilyich Tchaikovsky was born in in Votkinsk, a tiny town miles east of St Petersburg. There was no history of musicians in his family, except for a handful of amateur players. The young Tchaikovsky was bright - he could read and write French and German fluently by .
  2. Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky was born in Votkinsk, a small town in Vyatka Governorate (present-day Udmurtia) in the Russian Empire, into a family with a long history of military icridrokeerusmobitchibeetubecont.xyzinfo father, Ilya Petrovich Tchaikovsky, had served as a lieutenant colonel and engineer in the Department of Mines, and would manage the Kamsko-Votkinsk Ironworks. His grandfather, Pyotr Fedorovich Tchaikovsky .
  3. Pyotr (Peter) Ilyich Tchaikovsky was born on May 7, , in Votkinsk, Vyatka region, Russia. He was the second of six children (five brothers and one sister). His father, named Ilya Chaikovsky, was a mining business executive in Votkinsk. His father's ancestors were from Ukraine and Poland.
  4. It was upon hearing Mozart's Don Giovanni that Tchaikovsky decided to dedicate his life to music. In , Tchaikovsky’s parents hired French tutor Fanny Dürbach. Her love and affection for her charge is said to have provided a counter to Tchaikovsky’s mother Aleksandra, who has been described by one biographer as a cold, unhappy, distant.
  5. Tchaikovsky had a series of male lovers beginning in his student days at the conservatory and continuing through the rest of his life. Tchaikovsky in He was a bit of a chicken-hawk and usually dated younger men: poets, musicians and rough trade from the lower classes.
  6. We instantly place his wild name with the great ballet, The Nutcracker, but this is just a part of his magnificent legacy of music he produced. Tchaikovsky was born on May 7, in Vokinsk, Russia. His childhood and teen years are not very well documented and, where he obtained his first musical knowledge is all but a.
  7. Mar 18,  · This week, we’ll continue our exploration of Peter Tchaikovsky, focusing on the latter part of his life, including his symphonies, ballets, and life at the Moscow Conservatory. Bill picks up in with Tchaikovsky’s Variations on a Rococo Theme, Op. 33 for Cello and Orchestra and we close the week with his Symphony No. 6 in b minor, Pathetique, written.
  8. Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky (English: / tʃ aɪ ˈ k ɒ f s k i / chy-KOF-skee; Russian: Пётр Ильи́ч Чайко́вский, tr. Pëtr Ilʹič Čajkovskij, IPA: [pʲɵtr ɪ.

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